Irish Setter Club of the Pacific-San Francisco

Irish Setter Club of the Pacific-San Francisco


What is a Walking Field Trial?
A Walking Field Trial is very similar to a Hunt Test because the owners or handlers are handling their dogs while walking. Only the judges are on horseback. In a Walking Field Trial the dogs compete against each other for 1st, 2nd 3rd and 4th placements similar to a Conformation Show. They are judged on their athleticism as well as their bird work. Different classes or “stakes” require different levels of bird work skill, much like a Hunt Test.

Who can enter?
Some of the classes or stakes for our Walking Field Trial will be open to Setters only. That includes Irish, Gordon, English and Irish Red and White. These “Setter Only” stakes include Amateur Puppy, Amateur Derby and Amateur Gun Dog. All the other stakes are open to all pointing breeds.

What do the different classes or stakes mean?
The stakes are divided into two main categories; Amateur and Open. In the “Open” stakes professional (PRO) trainers / handlers AND amateurs can enter but in the Amateur stakes ONLY amateurs can enter. No Pros allowed. There is also a “limited” category. See the next page for more information.
Location: Quail Point Hunt Club, Zamora

PUPPY STAKES (Open and Amateur) are for puppies 6 months of age and younger than 15 months on the first day of the trial. Puppies must show desire to hunt, boldness, and initiative in covering ground and searching likely cover. These stakes are difficult to judge because the dog’s performance is based on what the judges see as potential. Generally no birds are planted for these stakes and no blanks are fired. 15-30 minutes run time

DERBY (Amateur and Open) This stake is open to dogs who are 15 months old and no older than 2 years on the first day of the trial. Derby dogs are expected to hunt and point much like a Junior Hunter. The dog must be bold and independent and have the ability to find game. They are not expected to be steady to wing or shot. 20 – 30 minutes run time

GUN DOG/LIMITED GUN DOG (Open and Amateur) A Gun Dog is expected to be steady through the flush and shooting of the blank gun. They are NOT going to be expected to retrieve in this trial. They will be expected to honor a pointing dog ONLY if it encounters its brace mate on point. Demonstrating the dog’s ability to honor is NOT mandatory if circumstances do not arise that require an honor. The Gun Dog is expected to show a keen desire to hunt and cover adequate ground NEVER out of sight for a length of time that would detract from its usefulness as a practical hunting dog. In order to qualify to run in the Limited Gun Dog Stake a dog must have placed in a previous Gun Dog stake (1st -4th) or placed 1st in an Open Derby Stake. 30 minutes run time

We are hoping you will bring your dogs out to have some fun in the field. This is a great opportunity to experience the camaraderie of field trial participants and the joy of watching your dog do what it was bred to do!

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