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Rally is the newest performance sport to be added to AKC’s list of events where dogs can earn titles. It is a great first step from basic behavior training for puppies and young dogs towards the more rigorous Obedience events.  All that is required is a willing owner and a rollicking red dog!  Rally builds on the basic concepts of behavior training—walking at heel on leash, sitting and staying on command and following basic maneuvering commands. Lots of verbal encouragement is welcomed in the Rally ring.

Rally builds a bond of teamwork between handler and dog as they work together through the rally course.  Dog and owner work to achieve a qualifying score by following the posted commands on the course. The basic level of Rally allows the team to work on leash for the entire exercise.  It just takes 3 qualifying scores and the team has earned the first title of Rally Novice. From there the team moves on to the intermediate level. This offers a bigger challenge as the commands are slightly more difficult and the dog is off leash.

Competing in Rally offers the opportunity to meet other dog owners working to develop stronger bonds of teamwork and performance.  You will encounter all types of breeds, all focused on the common goal of completing successfully that day’s Rally course. Just as importantly, you will meet other owners who are eager to support you and your redhead!

After Rally, you’ll be prepared to move on to the performance sport of Obedience. Unlike Rally, after achieving 3 titles, you are eligible to compete for Obedience championship points.

Congratulations to Mardi new RN title holder
AKC name: GCh Woodglen GardenDistrict on Tuesday, RN
Bred By: Donna Seigart and Cathy Deily
Sire: CH Kerrybrook Madison Avenue
Dam: CH Kerrybrook Off Broadway

Congratulations to Teagh
who earned her Rally Advanced title in
three straight trials in one weekend with three Q's.
AKC name: Woodglen Tuesday Morning, RA
Bred by: Donna Seigart and Catherine Deily
Sire: Ch Kerrybrook Madison Avenue
Dam: Ch Kerrybrook Off Broadway

Congratulations to Kinross Cinnabar new RN title holder
AKC name: Kinross Cinnabar
Bred By: Sherry Oke
Sire: CH Pure Geniuse by Clonageera
Dam: CH Roclyn Parfait
Owner(s): Pam & Peter Warner

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