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Given their independent nature, sense of humor, and hunting instincts (in the air and on the ground!), Irish Setters face many challenges in the obedience ring, particularly when outdoors. However, do not abandon hope! A Companion Dog title (CD) is definitely doable and several Irish Setters have actually achieved the Holy Grail of obedience titles, Obedience Trial Championship (OTCH). It could be a lifelong journey, but if you maintain your sense of humor and never give up, you will be entertained by and uniquely bonded with your redhead all along the way!

Novice level: The Companion Dog title (CD) involves basic heeling on leash (and off), stand for exam, the recall, and sit and down stays; these commands are invaluable in daily life with an Irish Setter!

Open level: The Companion Dog Excellent title (CDX) entails total off leash heeling, drop on recall, retrieving a dumbbell on the flat and over a high jump, the broad jump, and out of sight sits and downs.

Utility level: The Utility Dog title (UD) continues with off leash heeling and introduces several hand signals, scent discrimination (retrieving your scented article from other articles), directional behaviors in retrieving (a specific glove out of 3) and in jumping. The dog must go out to the end of the ring, sit on command, and then take the correct jump based on your hand signal. The moving stand for examination is also introduced.

The Utility Dog Excellent title (UDX) is achieved once you have qualified in both Open B and Utility B exercises on the same day 10 times. All the stars need to be aligned!  The good news is that you are accumulating points along the way towards your obedience championship.

And then there’s that coveted Obedience Trial Championship title (OTCH). You must have your UD title and then earn 100 points. Points are accumulated by placing 1st through 4th with the point value based on the number of dogs entered. During this quest, your team must obtain three 1st places (once or twice in Open B and twice or once in Utility B). It’s really a crowning achievement.

High in Trial Winner at our Dixon Specialty
CH Shine-On Hey Good Looking CDX RN AX AXJ NF CGC  "Sam I Am"

"Amber" is Roclyn St. Pauli's Girl, CGC
Sire:  Ch. Roclyn Somethin' Else
Dam:  Ch. Roclyn Something's Brewin'
Breeder: Cindy Stanford
Owner:  Paul Bradbury & Cindy Stanford

Remember to get your CGC for your pups too.
It is a great first step to obedience work!

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