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January 2019

Dearest Members,

Happy New Year to all of you! Hopefully everyone had a delightful holiday and are now ready to begin the new year with a fresh start. For those of you who were unable to attend the annual December Christmas party, you missed a fun event. Once again, Cindy Stanford and Mark Johnson opened their beautiful home to host the party. The table was set beautifully and the food was exquisite. It is always such a joy to be able to see and taste the variety of foods that people will share. After the meal, there was a dog toy exchange. I’m sure there were plenty of happy red-heads when members returned home. We were also able to take time to say good-bye and thank you to former board members, Chris Cerelli and Jen Mullin. ISCP gave them a certificate of thank you and a small gift to say thanks for your years of service to our club. Although both Chris and Jen will no longer be on the board, they will remain active in club events; for all of this, we thank you!

Joining the ISCP Board of Directors for 2019 are Maureen Feehan, and Derrick Mullin. Both Derrick and Maureen have been hard working members of the club for some time. Derrick will be our new Field Director and Maureen has taken on the role of Recording Secretary. A big thanks to both of you for your support of our club!

Derrick is jumping right into his new role. He has already secured a new date for our Fun-A-Fair, which will be held on May 25, at Hasting Island. Please contact Derrick to help at this event. It is a really fun way to introduce your dog to the field and those funny flying things that make our dogs so happy! Oh, speaking of field events, look in the Tails for Derrick’s summary of the Walking Field Trial. Once again, it was a major success and lots of fun for those that were able to attend. Our next field event will be March 16 & 17, our annual Field Trial at O’Neil Forebay. Vicki Tompkins is chairing and could really use some volunteers. Please contact her directly if you are able to attend/help out. A complete list of events, and dates is being compiled for our website as I write this. Please check the website to see who to contact for the events you may wish to attend. We still have a number of positions that need volunteers and or chairs. Remember, if you would like to chair and have never done so, there is PLENTY of help and support for you. You do not have to do this alone; our board members are always ready, willing and able to help you with any of our events. Our club is only as good as it’s members, so please take the ‘plunge’ and get involved. You will be surprised at how rewarding and fun it can be.

Oh, before I forget, it is also time to renew your annual Dues with ISCP. Look for email/snail mail from Peggy Davis. I look

I look forward to another wonderful year as your President!

Sandy Barrett

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