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July 2019

Dearest Members,

Happy Hot July to all! By now I would suppose many of you are enjoying the long summer days; hopefully getting some relaxation time in for yourselves and of course, lots of quality time with your Irish. The Barrett family has been busy with our annual ‘fine tuning’ the back yard. The big question this year was, “Why aren’t the melons growing at the base of our hydroponic water tower?” Well, I finally got the answer. If you guessed a Red Dog, you were right. Ethel is able to squeeze her head in between the wire fence around the tower and strip off and eat all the leave of the melons. I guess no melons for us this year, but a new fence design for next year. Guess we can call that, ‘How to outsmart an Irish Setter.

Yesterday ISCP held our annual Awards Day in the Park. As per her style, Pat Manrique did an excellent job organizing, preparing and presenting the awards. For those of you who may not know, Pat makes this event look easy! She makes sure the awards are published in the Tails, and also makes sure they are sent to members well in advance of her cut-off date. She also contacts those who sponsor awards to make sure they will be able to again sponsor this year. Once that is taken care of, she has to order plaques, make sure trophies/prizes will be at her home in in time for her to wrap and deliver to Boon Acre Park. In addition, she organizes the potluck, provides the plates, drinks and eating utensils. So, in short, although she makes it look easy, it is a lot of work for her and all of us GREATLY appreciate what she does. Our club always offers a workshop of various sorts in the morning prior to the awards. This year, Pam Warner and I did a short workshop for CGC and CGC-A, (Canine Good Citizen, Canine Good Citizen - Community). With help from Patty Aronica, we showed participants what they were to encounter in the testing, so they could practice. After the practice, I tested 7 dogs, and all 7 passed! It was so nice to have dogs and handler ready for the actual test. I enlisted the help of various members to be the ‘crowd’, and ‘distractions’ required at both levels. A big thank you to those who helped with this. I want to acknowledge those who earned titles. They are:

• Sophie, handled by Pam Warner
• Logan, handled by Patty Aronica
• Belle, handled by Patty Aronica
• Fiona, handled by Maureen Feehan

• Pepper, handled by Patty Aronica and Jeanette Holmes
• Rory, handled by Patty Aronica and Jack O’Loughlin
• Brave, handled by Linda Blackman

Please check out our calendar on our website for more club events coming up. They include but are not limited to: Scent Work, Agility, and the Harvest Moon Cluster. I hope to see you there with your beautiful dogs and lots of smiles!

Enjoy your red dogs,

Sandy Barrett

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