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August 2018

Dearest Members,

I hope this month’s message finds all of you and your families safe from the fires and able to enjoy the hot ‘Dog Days of Summer’. I always thought it unfair that the hot days of summer were blamed on the dogs, ha!

Your board members have been working diligently to make sure our club events run smoothly and on time. As always, we are trying to recruit volunteers, if you can help out you would not only have a chance to meet many wonderful people, possibly learn new skills, and get a chance to be around a lot of beautiful dogs.

Our Awards Day in the Park Picnic was held on July 21. As always, Pat Manrique did an excellent job of organizing all of the awards. They were beautifully presented, and it was a joy to watch people collect their awards. There were a number of awards that were not applied for, so there were no recipients. Please take a moment to look at the awards offered, (Tails) so you can prepare to apply for the 2018 awards next year. Pam Warner and Patty Aronica provided a Trick Dog demonstration, how fun to see our dogs preform, thank you!

We had a ‘potential’ new member attend with her dog. Her timing could not have been better because we were able to use him for the Grooming Demonstration. Thank you, Peggy Davis and Cynthia Stanford for the beautiful job of grooming and explaining the process to all. As an added bonus, Shawnee Sordini join us with her mobile van filled with grooming products. It was so nice to be able to purchase right there on the spot.

Please mark your December calendars, our annual Christmas Party will once again be hosted by Cindy Stanford & Mark Johnson. The date has been set for December 1, 2018. Please plan to attend, Cindy sets a beautiful table. More information to follow as we get closer to the end of the year. It will be on the website calendar soon as well.

Our next Club event is our Annual Agility trial. This year, the trial will be moved to Rancho Murieta. If you are not familiar with the location, specific directions are listed on the premium list. It is a very popular site, and easy to get to.

I am happy to announce that we have a committee for next year’s Fun A Fair. Members of the committee are: Cindy Stanford, Derrick Mullin, Ann Smith, Gordon Smith, Pam Warner, John Barrett and Sandy Barrett. Thank you everyone for volunteering. We also have a list of helpers, but could always use more, they are: Carolyn and Dave Benjamin and Paul Armbruster. Thank you!

Stay safe everyone!

Hug those dogs for me!,
Sandy Barrett

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can be contacted through the President by telephone or email.
Sandy Barrett
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