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St. Patrick's Day Parade
Awards/Day in the park
L to R, Cindy Stanford, Jeanette Holmes, Sandy Barrett, Susan Walker, Ann Smith, Pat Manrique, Derrick Mullin (partial view) Jennifer Mullin, Pam Warner, Patty Aronica, Ariel Aronica behind Belle)
L to R, Peggy Davis, Mary O’Loughlin, Chris Cerelli, Cindy Stanford, Jeanette Holmes, Sandy Barrett, Susan Walker, Gordon Smith, Ann Smith, Pat Manrique, Pam Warner, Derrick Mullin (partial view),
(Not shown: Jennifer Mullin, Patty Aronica, Ariel Aronica )

JULY 29, 2018

Our 1st trial was held Sunday July 29th and we nailed it!!! We filled entries and all that were there complimented us on one of the best trials they had entered.

What an interesting, fun and well worked trial. Thank you to Gina Hemphill who once again stepped in and headed our hospitality. She brought her daughter who worked all day on top of the hill with one of the judges. Her husband came and helped tear down the event. Pam Warner worked hard all day wherever they needed help. She was Gina’s right hand worker all day. Peggy Davis came for the morning and stayed all day long. She worked hard and took in lots of miles walking from one location in the building to the door. We timed and straightened boxes and we learned what we could about each station. There were other volunteers from other breeds and clubs pitching in, checking teams at the door, taking their gloves to put in a box, handing off paperwork and other miscellaneous jobs. Jeanette Holmes, along with Gina, Pam and myself put together boxes for the event a few days prior. Thank you to all the volunteers!

We watched in fascination as dogs of all breeds came in and worked their way through the boxes, the furniture or the containers of dirt to find the scent. Some jumped on the box, some laid down, some pointed with their muzzles and others sat. So many different ways to indicate a find. Owner/handlers were either very experienced to first time ever at the line. Physical ability of either dog or handler wasn’t an issue. It was in small areas and it was all about the nose of the dog. You could treat the dog in the ring. Throughout, everyone was smiling and having fun.

What we did learn, most of all…..any aged dog and any person can do this. Dogs love this sport and it’s fun to do and watch! You can pretty much teach your dog to do this at home, at a park, just about anywhere and the investment is small. Financially we made close to $3000. We are allowed to have a trial once a month. We had a very large one, we could have smaller ones in the evenings, make smaller profits and get more teams involved. I’m looking forward to putting on more, as soon as the board says go!

Congratulations to our members Gina Hemphill with Wyatt and Pam Warner with Chloe. They trained for about 1-2 months and jumped in with both feet to test the competing waters. Wyatt took 3rd place in Handler Discrimination, found his glove in the box in 4 seconds! Wyatt also qualified in interior novice A. Pam Warner and Chloe did a great job in novice container, however it was outside on grass, on top of the hill with a nice breeze….oooh the scents. I watched as Chloe would be head down looking for a scent and then “squirrel” scent would happen. I think this team will get it done next time. I should have put in my Molly but thought I would be too busy. Both of my reds will be entered in the next one.

Gina Hemphill and SHINE ON Good To Go TDX JH “Wyatt”
3rd place in Novice Handler Discrimination and qualified in interior novice A

Nick is 13 years old and competes in Scent work titling in Novice with Roger Poole.
Nick also competed in Nosework and likes the AKC trials much better.

Shane and Nicole Wright with Alofa A Spot O’ Teulia “Teulia”
Received her Novice High in Trial total points 106.54
3 new titles SEN, SIN, SCN

Amanda Hutchingson and Royal had a royal weekend.
She qualified for High In Trial Advanced on Saturday and Sunday

A message from AKC President and CEO Dennis Sprung
regarding Hurricane Harvey


Our hearts and prayers go out to the many people in Houston that are in the path of Hurricane Harvey and its aftermath. We are currently in the process of reaching out to all of our clubs based in Texas to figure out their needs and provide assistance to shelters taking pets.

We understand the magnitude of the devastation from this storm is yet to be seen and The AKC and AKC Reunite are here to help in any way possible. If you know or hear of a shelter in need of supplies, please contact us at 212-696-8220 or email us at We will reach out immediately.

Find more information on pet shelters in Texas.

If you would like to donate, please go to

High in Trial Winner at our Dixon Specialty
CH Shine-On Hey Good Looking CDX RN AX AXJ NF CGC  "Sam I Am"



By: Jeanette Holmes & Debra Hamilton

There appears to be interest in educating one’s self in preparing for the care of your pets in situations where one no longer has the ability to do so.  The board had discussed having a seminar open to the general public, professionals (i.e. veterinarians), all breed and specialty dog clubs with interest to move forward with a seminar.  Information has appeared in our monthly newsletter – there has been a request for someone to chair the event, however – no one has volunteered to be the chairman. 

Perhaps we should look at obtaining the information in another way.  By accessing the website of Debra Hamilton, Hamilton Law & Mediation, those who are wanting to set up their instruction(s) /guideline for the care of their pet(s) should they no longer be able to care for them can access Debra’s website to sign up and attend the webinar and obtain a pdf. copy of her book, “Prepare For Your Pets Care”.  The webinars and the book will walk you through the process of documenting instructions for the care of your pets. 

Below is information received directly from Debra and what she offers to help you understand why a plan is encouraged and/or needed.  (Permission to post given by Debra Hamilton – 6-27-16)

“I do give 30 minute monthly webinars for free on my website.
The webinars help you understand why you need to make a MAAP Plan.
The listener signs up and attends the webinar.
Only attendees get a link to the e-book after the webinar.
It helps give them more info & guidelines for why they need a MAAP plan.

It is unlikely that anyone will fulfill the 4 steps of the MAAP plan without a hands on collaborative seminar. If they are truly committed they can put all the parts together alone.
I gave a 90 minute event in So-Cal two years ago.
Of the 20 people who attended only 5 told me they completed the plan.
I gave them fill in the blank templates!!

It is not difficult to do, my plan gives you a step by step process to complete.
What's challenging is to make the plan you want and then go out and find the people to fulfill the needs you set up. Once you complete all the steps you take it to your T&E attorney.
There he/she can create a pet trust.
The MAAP info makes it plug and play.  

I cannot create a pet trust outside of NY.
I help participants attorneys understand and fulfill their client's needs.
It is part of the cost and enables them to help their client in a way they never thought of or choose not to get involved in.

T& E attorneys will let you put anything you want in your will and pet trust.
It is up to you to find the person to fulfill the need.  
The attorney will not do that with you.

With my program not only will I help you identify and ask the people, I help you get each person to agree in writing and have all the info/permission they need in place to step in your shoes.

I start the webinars again in the fall.

My colleagues and I will be holding a My Pet and Me Spa weekend in Desert Hot Springs in January.  Those interested could join us there.

I know it is a drive but at $575 for the information, a completed MAAP Plan, Pet First Aid Training and two days at pet friendly spa is a steal.

It will feature my colleague Denise Fleck teaching First aid ( and I helping people prepare for the life of their dogs.  We are also hoping our colleagues Lisa Brambilla ( will join us and talk about how to hold a space for the ashes and Judy Wright Helm ( working on coping with the grief will join us.

We all need to make these plans.
I have found out the hard way T&E attorneys want no part of reality testing peoples’ plans.  
You can put in what you want in but it may not be fulfilled.
Rest assured, the attorney is certainly not going out to find a caregiver.  
Owner surrendered dogs only have a 10% chance of getting out of a shelter alive.

We have a great network of rescue and friends in Irish setters.
They will do their best.  
However, without a MAAP plan, they will do it their way not your way :)
A choice we all make.

Experiencing a time when additional help was needed, when and after my broken ankle and Jim's broken shoulder, I was grateful I had the MAAP plan in place to care for my kids.  I could heal and help Jim heal.

We are so persnickety about how we care for our dogs.   
Funny we are not as persnickety about how we assure they will continue to receive that care if we are not able to care for them.  Really a conundrum for me!! 

I will let you know when the next free webinar is scheduled.
Or they can sign up for my Pet Passport which will put them on the list for notice!”

Remember, download your Pet Passport by visiting .  We'll keep you up dated on news, events and trainings being held by HLM once you grab your FREE Pet Passport

Wishing you peace with companion pets and their people,

Debra Vey Voda-Hamilton
Hamilton Law & Mediation, PLLC
"Trailblazing a New Way to Address Conflicts Between People Involving Animals "

Author of "Nipped in the Bud--Not in the Butt - How to Use Mediation to Resolve Conflicts Over Animals ."

Tel. 914-273-1085 
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